March 15 COVID-19 Update

  • Everything is happening so fast and we need to slow this down to prevent overwhelming our health care system. Stay home as much as possible!
  • NOW is the time to take care of our community.
  • NOW is the time to adhere to social isolation to protect older folks and those with a weak immune system.
  • NOW is the time to adhere to quarantine if requested.
  • Testing available through our office drive-thru at 214 N. Elm Ave with a doctor’s order using LabCorp. HFA has opened a drive-thru on the surface parking lot of One Jackson Square with on-site assessment and testing using ARUP laboratory.   The emergency room currently is using the State Lab and soon from an in house test.

We need to slow this down and lessen the opportunities for the virus to spread, so we don’t overwhelm our health care system – especially our ICU’s.  Our country has 100,000 ICU beds and on average 65,000 are typically occupied.  If we have 1-4 million cases over four or five months, we should be able to cope.  If they occur in two to four weeks, we will not be able and, like Italy, have to restrict/ration care.  That is why we need to respond NOW.  Perhaps the best time to respond has past and the second-best time is NOW.

This virus doesn’t discriminate.  We are all at risk of getting exposed and, unfortunately, for some, at risk of dying from it.  We need to protect ourselves and our community.  This is not a political or financial issue or fabricated by the media.  We need to adhere like the people in China and South Korea did.

Some other ideas:

  • Just do what is absolutely needed – especially if you fall into the group that might not do well. I’ve told high-risk people this past weekend to:
    • Cancel eating out in crowded restaurants
    • Don’t attend a baby dedication ceremony
    • Cancel a birthday party
    • Get someone else to do their shopping
    • Not to babysit grandkids, especially if they are sick.
  • We need to take care of our health care workers! They need to work and now with school and daycare closures, they will need help.
  • Students – your job will eventually be online classes and to keep your family well! Don’t bring this virus home to your grandparents or sick relatives.  Therefore, don’t hang out together.  Stay home, go for walks, clean your room, disinfect common surfaces.  Don’t go to the movies.  This is an opportunity to help others.
  • Playdates likely not a good idea. This will be family time.
  • Be patient as this evolves. Don’t be critical.  Expect further changes in recommendations.  Consider turning off social media for a while.
  • Stay home for Spring Break! If flying, why put yourself and your family at increased risk?   Many places have shut down.  What if you get sick while away?   I strongly advise avoiding going overseas to the few remaining places that are open.  What if you get quarantined?
  • Snowbirds may want to stay put and avoid the plane ride home.
  • As I said before, it will get worse before it gets better.
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